Indonesia is in Southeast Asia and an archipelago comprising thousands of islands. Bali is an island and province of Indonesia. 

    Glasses Fence

    Sea Food     Beautiful Temple     Evening Entertainment

    Banans Leaf Lunch     Night Entertainment     Beach Candle Light

    Cloud of Bali     Bali Airport     Accommodation [Bali]


Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia consists of East and West. The capital is Kuala Lumpur.

    Inside Ramayana Cave

    Brown White Pigeon     Ramayana Cave     Ramayana Cave Entrance

    Long Tail Monkey     Monkeys of Batu Cave     Loving Monkeys

    Travellers Lodge     Association Temple     Batu Cave

    Photographs    Cameras     Science & Art

    Camera M. Icon    Historical of Cameras    Antique Camera

    Settle Door     Giant Girl     Camera Museum

    Swallows     Indian Settler     Fashion Model

    Malaysian Coffee     Flowers Necklaces     Indian Town

    Fire Brigade     Banana Pancake     Batik Lanterns

    Association Temple     Settlers Cartoon     Fireman

    Association Temple     Basket Ball     Backyard Walkway

    Herb Tea     Antique Shop     Anchors

    Brother & Sister     Settler Retail Shop     Mural New Icon

    Kids on Bicycle     Bicycle Taxi     Settler Chinese Hawker

    Red Lanterns/ Banners     Art of Pipe     Art of Metals

    Historical Street     Quilt Lantern     Association Temple

    Red Banner     Settler Shop     Hokkien

   Association Temple     Temple Worshiper     Bicycle Taxi

    Character Fence     Chinese-man Hawker     Chinese Opera Stage

    George Town     C. Association Temple     Mural Art

    KTM Building     Malaysia Longest Bridge     Penang Bridge

    Mosque     Kuala Lumpur City     Chinese Musician

    Petronas Full View     Hindu Temple     Chinese A. Temple

    Petronas Towers     Menara Kuala Lumpur     Top of Petronas

    Nyonya Costume     China Town     Coconut Drink

    Chinese Symbol     Character Forbidden City     Bell

    Corridor Frame W.     Wedding Pudding     Welcome Frontage

    Imperial Living Room     Imperial Doorframes     Chinese Imperial Favour

    Imitate Chair     Malacca River Special     Imperial Bedroom

    Chinese Imperial Symbol     Chinese Restaurant     Restaurant Interior

    Fort of Malacca River     Rest Area of Malacca R.     Melaka River Park

    River Path     Mural Town Area     St. Francis Xavier

    Monorail     Malacca River View     Art of Malacca River

    Native Resident     Shop Houses     Skyscaper/ Malacca R.

    Malacca City     Ferry Terminal     Local Tradition House

    Auction Building     Historical Shophouses     Residential Houses

    Mural Town     River Hotel     Traditional Design B.

    River Bridge     Wall Painting     Riverside Entertainment

    Water Wheel     Water Mill     China Town

    China Town     Sailing Ship    Accommodation MR.

    Historical Wall     Malacca River     Water Wheel

    Chapel [St Paul]     Lamppost     Steps of St Paul

    Old Tombstone     Framework St Paul     Open Grave [St Paul]

    Church Inside     Old Tombstones     Old Tombstones

    St Paul's Museum     Face of St Paul's Church     Church Interior

    St Paul's Hill     St Paul's Church     Governor's Museum

    Warfare Cannon     Buffalo Cart     Hill of St Paul

    Belly Tree     Wooden Kris     Forest Tree

    Unique Shape Tree     Muzuim     Playground

    Traditional Design Door     St Paul's Church E.     Malacca Historical

    Tricycles     Fire Brigade     Traditional House

    Chimney Wall     Malacca Clock Tower     Malacca Museum

    Christ Church Melaka     Labuan Botanical Garden     Labuan War Cemetery

    Tree House     Malacca     Flowers Tricycle

    Hornbill Birds     Blue/Orange Parrot     Kuala Lumpur City

    Common Egret     Malaysia Largest Mall     Ancient Wall

    Ostrich     Hot Spring     Hornbill Bird

    Pink Hibiscus     Wild Coloured Mushroom     Crowned Crane Birds

    Oil Palm     Black Common Hill Myna     Poring Canopy Walkway

    Blue/Gold Parrot     Beaufort     Green Peacock

    Golden Silver Flowers     Hibiscus [Cream Pink]     Poring Hot Spring

    Grey Crowned Crane     Strawberry Garden     Wreathed Hornbill

    War Cemetery     Golden Yuan     Ancient Record Player

    Buckets Game     Hibiscus     Bird Hut

    Mt kinabalu     Water House Restaurant     Rubino Rosella

    Cockatiel Parrot     Village Jetty     Chimney Cliff

    Fishing Boat     Sun Conure Parrot     Coconut Trees

    Chimney Museum     Chimney     Restored Chimney

    Love Letter     Labuan FT     Kadazan Costumes

    Biggest Market     Avocado     Durian

    Association Temple     Water Village     Fishing Boats

    Snake Island     Beach Hawkers     Surrender Point

    Lion Dance     United Nation Beach     BBQ Chicken

    Morning [Kuala Lumpur]     Bamboo Hut     Satay


Thailand is in Southeast Asia, on the Gulf of Thailand and the capital is Bangkok.

    Design Chair     Modern Chair     Golden Siam God

    Siam God [Green]     Elephant     Night Market

    Toilet Feedback     Interior Lighting     Holy Monks

    Art Balloons     Golden Buddha     Siam God [Red]

    Three Wheels Taxi     Insect Nuggets     Lanterns

    Pot Baked Food     Siam Art     Siam Hats

    Rattan Balls     Swimming Pool     Siam Temple

    Thai Lamp Post     Goat Farm     Water Ride

    Crystal Hangers     Ladyboy in Pink     Rest Area

    Siam Temple     Thai Cendol     Tropical Forest

    Drinks     Romantic Walk     Seafood Hawker

    Elephant     Siam Paragon     Green Plants

    Siam Center     Hanging Light     Fantastic Image

    Thai Boxing     Thai Art     Pet Helmet

    Lady Boy     Crayon Artist     Biggest Market

    Thai BBQ     Local Taste     Pretty Boys

    Thai Rice Noodle     Cables     Elephant Ride

    Temple     3 Wheels Taxi     Night Entertainment

    Tricycle Hawker     Worshiper     Monk

    Insect Food     Orchid Decoration     Dinner Mat

    Golden Goat     Night Market     Golden Sleeping Buddha


Vietnam is in Southeast Asia, on the South China Sea and the capital is Hanoi

    Bonsai     Golden Turtle     Temple of Jade Mount.

    Frogs     Red Bridge     Tortoises Lake

    Mini Crabs     Fresh Fish     Snails

    Ha Long [Morning]     Market Place     Pimples Vege.

    Bay View     Leisure     Cruising

    Traffic Free Island     Fun on Motorbike     Ha Long Islands

    CAT BA Street     Islands of Ha Long     Islands/Cruise

    Fisherwoman     CAT BA Island     CAT BA Town

    Floating Shop     Village/ Bay     Fish Farm/ Bay

    Med Fish Farm     Farm/Ha Long Islands     Fishing Boat

    Floating Village     Fish Farm     Fish Farm Village

    Beach Island    Mid Way    Resort Island

    Smaller Boat     Mid Way Island     Rocky Island

    Little Boat     Boat Terminal     Catba National Park

    Cave Tunnel     Small Cave     Catba National Park

    Farm House     Viet Hai Village     Ha Long Islands

    Padi Field     Village House     Vegetable Farm

    Village Well     Villagers Life     Lunch Time

    Model House     Village House     House & Store

    Monkey M. Park     Viet Hai Village     Mixed Houses

    Blister Pearls     Islands [Ha Long Bay]     Monkey Mountain Foot

    Pearl Jewellery     Black Pearl     Shells/ Jewellery

    Pearl Farm     Fish Farm     Pearl/ Shell

    Sailing Cruise     Ha long Bay [night]     Ha Long Bay [midnight]

    Matured Pearl Shells     Boat Hawker     Medium Island

    Limestone Cave     Light of Ha Long Bay     Cave Crater

    Boat Hawker     Pearl Shell     Ethic House

    Ancient Imperial Scholars     Shell Pearls     Pearl Farm

    Stamp Markers     Literature Garden     Vietnam Ethic House

    Cave Tunnel     Statue Images     Imperial Lion

    Sailing Boats     Worshiper     Ancient Scholar Awards

    Ha Long Bay Temple     Pearl Farm     Image of Deep Sea

    Kayak     Cave Inside      Sailing Boat

    Ha Long Bay     Limestone Creator     Fishing Traps

    Islands and Sailboat     Cave Island     Cave Crater

    Chicken Islands     Sailboat Accommodation     Boat Hawker

    Ethic Tribe     Beer on Street     Hawkers [Vietnam]

    Lady [white]     Free Parking     Fishing Traps

    Turtle Stones Entrance     Ethnology [Vietnam]     Ethic House

    Bell     House [Vietnam]     Drum

    Turtle Stones     Literature Temple     Golden Turtle

    Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum     Scholars Garden     Literature Gate

    Temple of Literature     Sandals     Bananas

    Golden Dragon     Vietnam Museum     Imperialists

    Stilt House     Smallest Temple     Paper Cutting

    Presidential Palace     House [President Ho]     Presidential Fishpond


Brunei is a small oil-rich constitutional sultanate on the northwestern coast of Borneo. The capital is known as Bandar Seri Begawan.

    Huge Mansion     Shopping Mall     Brunei Mosque

    Motorboat     Floating Mosque     Crayfishes

    Water School     Chinese Temple     Brunei Building