Popular enjoyed by many people

    Golden Autumn

    Cliff Break Away     Volcano Smoke     Relax Walkway

    Orakei Jetty City of Sail     Japanese Garden /Autumn

    Bridge to North Auckland     Piha Beach     Falls behind Pine

    Water View Walk-path     Black Sand Beach     Rough Wave

    Hanging Locker Lovers     Cycling Pathway      Marine Dock

    Award Ice Cream     Harbour Bridge      City of Sail

    Rough River Flow     Hill Loose Sand      Mountains & Hills

    River Sand Dune     Pleasantly Environment      Clear Water Stream

    Blue Lookout     Clouds/ Evening Nature     Unique Wonderful N

    Flat with Mountains     Blue Ocean/Sunset Beach     The Cloud

    Lovers’ Lockers     Boat Parking Beach     Lake Jetty for Fishing

    Hot Rocks     Champagne Pool Smoke     Lime Green Lake

    Lime Green Pool     Chimney Stores     Champagne Pool

    Green Lake     Nature Green Pool     Port of Transport

    Amazing Water      Long Bay Look Out     Sea Beauty

    Bubble Mud     Amazing Design House     Rock Singer

    Lake Rotorua      Sulphur Steaming Water      Special Taste of Kiwi

    Red Crater     Hobbit’s Door      Arena

    Skyline     Geothermal Activity     Special Meeting Place

    Boiling Mud Volcano     Award Restaurant     Salmon’s Home

    Whale & Dolphin Safari     Offshore Fishing L.     Thermal Power Plant

    Kiwi Bird      Ocean Blue      Maori Boat

    Rimu Lodge     Quality Table Grapes     Rock Star Singer

    Goat Island     Historical Museum     Hot Beach

    Bridge Wander     Kawau Island      Tasty Food

    Glass Bottom Boat     Moonscape Crater     Sandspit

    Wonderful Evening     Marine Discovery Centre     Emerald Lakes

    Shopping Mall     Karekare Beach     Turtle Lake Walk

    Jet Ride     Hanging Bridge     New Market Train S.

    Favour Black     Leisure Relax     Waterfront Entertainment

    Marvellous Landscape     Turtle Lake Fall     War Memorial Museum

    Rome Garden     Ocean Glider     Goat Island

    Estate House     K. Train Tunnel     World Heritage Park

    Muriwai Beach     Air Glider     Karangahape Gorge

    Red Bridge     Chinese Classic Garden     Rock Fishing

    Japanese Corridor    Tunnel Gate    Teenage Playground

    Garden Entrance     Auckland City Light     Chinese Garden

    Japanese Garden     Ruapehu Car Park     Mountain Slopes

    Mount Tongariro     Top of Ruapehu     Whakapapa Cabin

    Lantern Stone     Mt Ruapehu Cabins     Tongariro National Park

    Mt Ruapehu/ Lake Tuapo     Winter Sport     Mist Garden

    Heart of Auckland     Rotorua Museum     Hobsonville Terminal

    Night Entertainment     Auckland City Light     The Cloud

    Popular Auckland     Prawn Park     Golf Destinations

    Bicycles Hire     Gulf Harbour     Cape Kidnappers

    Face of Auckland     Caravan Park     Outlook Auckland City

    Picnic Area     One Tree Hill     Mountain Bike Park

    Snow Planet     The Cloud     Mirando Hot Spring

    Jetty [Lake Taupo]     Eat Streat     Rotorua Information C.

    Rotorua     Jet Ski     Tree Adventures

    Kiwilady     Queen Mary II     Moari Legend

    Whakatane     Matawai     Captain Cook Point

    Kiwi Fruit Ride     Kiwi Fruit Park     Matata Park

   Rail Trail     Martha Mine     Mining Site

    Biggest Church     Karangahake Gorge     Historic Gold Mining

    Duck Bus     Lemon & Paeroa     Boating

    Rolling Bridge     Enterainment     Sail View

    Happy Hour     Authentic Wine     Free Wine Tasting

    Welcome Path     Swimming     Robinson Park

    Antique Garden     Oil Refinery     Cricket World Cup 2015

    Golden Buddha     Wine Tasting     Largest Tree

    Mansion Settlers     Museum     Kumeu Valley

    Civic Theatre     Coastal Walk     Makatote Viaduct

    Auckland City Hall     Art [Queen Street]     One Tree Hill

    Queen Street     The Strand     Choice Plaza

    Ferry Building     Old Post Shop     Skyscraper

    Beautiful Public Toilet     Cornwall Fountain     Rocks Public Toilet

     Sky City      Municipal Depot      Observatory

    Cape Reinga Light House                     Biggest Shoe                                  Creative Public Toilet

     Under Sea World                            Auckland Bridge                                   City of Sail 

                                   Chateau Tongariro                             Arataki Centre