Peaceful, Clean and Green

    Proud Hen     Birds Picking

    Friendly Wild     Wild Pigeon     Butterfly Loves Flowers

    Butterfly Fish     Seagull on Stool     Half Fishes

    Bird’s Nest     Proud in Wild     Swanling

    Sea Gull Resting     Bird Resting     Wild Pigeon

    Seabird on the Pole     Proud Gannet     Sea Gull Sun Tan

    Puis Bird & Pink     Kingfisher Grey      Lovely Pair

    Puis Bird     Kea     Sleeping Birds

    Fresh Water Salmon     Silence Dating      Brown Ducks on Water

    Sparkling Eyes Pigeons     Amazing Gannet     What ?

    Salmon     Alone with Nature      Alone Waiting

    Pukeko Chicks     Happy Family      Black Bird

    Sea Delicious     Peacock     Alone on Craft Art

    Seagull Chicks     Freedom      Quack! Quack!

    Black Beauty     Black Bird     Pukeko

    Goose      Salmon      Swan & Cygnets

    Northern Brown Kiwi     Happy Swans     Wild Pigeons

    Peaceful & Relax     Fresh Water Fish     Forest Rat

    Ducks Enjoying     Gannet Bird     Gannet & Ocean

    Silent Gull     Gannet Birds     Swallow of Sea Birds

    D. Warm Bath     Ducks in the pond     Gannet Birds [Spring]

    Life Begin     Environment Nature     Friendly Goose

    White Hen     Pukeko Bird     Red Face Bird

    Pukeko Chick     City Apartment Park     White Face Ducks

    Tree Pipit     Pukeko Fishing     Monarch Baby Butterfly

    Green Robin     Butterfly     Wild Pigeon [Grey]

    Pukeko     Yellow Beak Gull     Sea Gull

    Common Gull     Brown Duck     Black Swan

    Wild Rabbit     Duck Lake     Bird Hut

    Crow     Water Bird     River Fish

    Monarch Caterpillar     Monarch Pupa     Monarch Butterfly

    [7] Wild Bird     [8] Wild Bird     Fish

    [6] Wild Bird
    Beach Bath     Mountain Goat

    Mahuhu Ki Te Park

    Birds [Lake Taupo]

    [5] Wild Bird

     Gannet Colony      Peaceful      Relax

     [1] Wild Bird                                                Kiwi Bird                                  [2] Wild Bird

     [3] Wild Birds
    Birds Feeding      

Cornwall Park Farm

Birds Watching, Animals and Others

    Cornwall Park Farm

    [4] Wild Birds



    [1] Rooster